Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
10 January 2020

The One About The New YearThomas Applewhite

...there we go! Four weeks in the blink of an eye! Now that we're in the Winter Quarter, Buds and Elevator Pitch are beginning to begin to start to take form! Here's some helpful highlights to catch you up to speed.

If you're one of those individuals who have joined GDA recently or have forgotten how things be 'round these here parts, check out the 'About' tab at the top of the page to familiarize yourself with the officers. They're here to help with whatever you need! Also, join the Discord if you haven't yet. There's a big button on the main page that will send you there.

Next week is the Senior Capstone Project Collaboration Recruitment Fair! The SCPCRF is a chance for non-seniors (or non-games major seniors who aren't in 170) to help work on senior capstone games. These games are really good, and it's a wonderful way to not only gain valuable experience developing big projects and stuff your resumé with delicious, delicious proof of work. It's on both Monday and Tuesday, the 13th and 14th from 5 to 8. Make sure to bring your resumé/portfolio (if you have one) and buckets of enthusiasm!

The Global Game Jam is back, as always! GDA is hosting UCSC's site for the GGJ once again, from January 31st to February 2nd. Our venue isn't open 24 hours, but we do feed you, and you don't even need to be in GDA/have money to participate! More information will come in closer to the actual event.

GDA's 5th birthday is in two weeks! The club was founded by a gang of plucky, hopeful developers, and has grown into a writhing mass of plucky, hopeful developers! We're not certain what were doing... or when... but it's probably going to be the 25th, and GDA alumni will be there! They've made GDA games too, and have industry experience! Information will be posted as it is figured out.

Do you like small-scale analytics? Do you dig data analysis in practical applications? Want to join a start-up? Kahzum is a start-up made by UCSC students that is creating data analysis tools for small business and are looking for help! Check them out under the 'Outside Opportunities' tab on the Discord server.

And that's that! I've got to lay low for a little for... reasons, but I'll make sure to check back in next week. I'll see you then!