The 2021 Global Game Jam!

The One About The 2021 Global Game JamRyoma Marta-Sugawara

Are you interested in making games? Have you always needed that extra push to make one from start to finish? Join the Game Design and Art Collaboration (GDA) and make games at the annual Global Game Jam (GGJ)! Every late January, creative students like you come together to make a game in just 48 hours-- like a hackathon but for games!

Who can join? Do I need experience? What if I'm a non-UCSC person?
Registration is open to all who'd like to participate and promote an inclusive environment to make video games! We only require that you be 18 years or older, since you will be working alongside college-aged jammers.

Oh that's cool, but what's it like? When does it start?
Glad you asked! The opening ceremony starts at 5pm on January 29th, where we annonce the jam's theme. The jam ends with our closing ceremony at 5pm on January 31st. You can register with a team in mind, or if you don't have one, we will be holding a team formation event from 6:00p to 6:30p on January 29th for jammers without a team! During the event, there will be various workshops and team building exercises to help you all finish a game in 48 hours! In addition, GGJ supplies Diversifiers, or mini challenges, to help you find inspiration for your game.

Sounds awesome! How do I join?
1) Sign up using this form,
2) Join our Global Game Jam Discord server (in the form), then
3) Join the jam site on the Global Game Jam website.
Be sure to follow these steps before 5pm on January 29th so you don't miss the opening ceremony or the team formation event!
Once you're all joined, you will be able to see our schedule of events and get to know your fellow jammers.
If you're having any difficulty, feel free to contact us using our social media or our contact form.

We hope to see you at this year's Global Game Jam, jammers!