Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 31 May 2019

The One About The EndThomas Applewhite

Ooooo! Can you hear that? The sound of disgruntled janitoral staff trying desperately to scrub the Mountain Dew out of every surface in Crown College means that the year's wrapping up. Hit 'Read More' to catch the last meeting's highlights.

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 17 May 2019

The One About Changing of the GuardEric Mitchell

The new executive officers have been chosen! Come down and meet the new crew of the new crew!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 10 May 2019

The One About Newer OfficersThomas Applewhite

The new department leads and non-executive officers have been chosen! Come down and meet the new crew!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 19 April 2019

The One About Check-InsThomas Applewhite

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning Santa Cruz! It's a balmy seventy-something outside today, perfect weather for enriching student projects! You want the scoop? Then click 'Read More'!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 12 April 2019

The One About Spring QuarterEric Mitchell

Ohey dere. Can't help but notice the ah new blog post eh? You should check it out, got some updates about stuff like t-shirt deliveries and event interest forms, don'tchaknow.

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 1 March 2019

The One About T-ShirtsThomas Applewhite

Hey! If you want to submit a T-Shirt design, the deadline is Sunday. Like, this Sunday, the 3rd. So if you want to submit a design, do it right now! Email the design to If you want to find out what else happened this week, read more!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 22 February 2019

The One About EventsThomas Applewhite

As midterms wind down, a whole new host of events are on the horizon! A blitz of amazing opportunities and cool conferences is coming soon, so come take a look and see what's about to happen!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 15 February 2019

The One About New OfficersEric Mitchell

BREAKING NEWS! We have elected a couple of GDA members to join the current cast of officers! Who are they, and what positions will they hold? Come get your story here, read all abba' it!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 1 February 2019

The One About Playtesting and SurveysEric Mitchell

Now that Global Game Jam has wrapped up, our game teams for Occultus Ocularus and Seeds of Love have been ramping up production - an inter-team playtest is planned for next week so each team can try each other's games! Plus, there's upcoming news about the Game Developer's Conference!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 18 January 2019

The One About Global Game JamEric Mitchell

The Winter Quarter may have just begun, but this upcoming week will feature of the busiest events of the year - Global Game Jam! Wanna know more? Click Read More to find out!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 2 November 2018

The One About Naughty Dog (Guest Speaker: Felix Park)Eric Mitchell

Howdy, partner! If you've got a break from playin' Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' an' Shootin' II, come check out what we had in store at the last Friday hoedown. That night, we featured a guest speaker from the folks at Naughty Dog - Felix Park, scripting and game designer for Uncharted 4's single and multiplayer modes! Click the "Read More" button over yonder to hear what this fella had to say 'bout the games industry!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 26 October 2018

The One About Lead ExpectationsEric Mitchell

Good morrow, chaps! At our latest gathering, we detailed what our prospective proposers for Pitch Night can expect if they are voted to become this year's game leads, which you may read about in this new blog post. I daresay, do proceed to this post by selecting the sapphiric link below, my good fellow.

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 19 October 2018

The One About Pitch NightEric Mitchell

G'DAy, mates! It's ya pal Eric here, and tonight we had oodles an' boodles of information to go over about our upcoming Pitch Night, including when pitches can be submitted, the acceptable scope of a pitch, and do's-an'-don't's. Crikey! Click "Read More" to head down unda'!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 12 October 2018

Eric MitchellThe One About Departments

Hello comrades friends! It is I, your new Archiver and Webmaster for this year! And speaking of introductions, the new members of GDA were given a chance to meet the leads of our departments tonight. If you'd like to know more, click that blue link below, da?

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Meeting Summary: 25 May 2018

Jon Alcantara25 May 2018

Tonight's meeting was a relaxed one, as this weekend is Memorial Day weekend! The only announcement was a reminder of the GDA end of the year potluck party happening on June 8th. No notes were taken!...

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Meeting Summary: 18 May 2018

Jon Alcantara18 May 2018

For tonight's meeting, next year's President and Vice President have been elected! Liam Dugard is your President, with Valentino Abate being your Vice President! We also had two guest this week: one on Tuesday by..

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Meeting Summary: 11 May 2018

Jon Alcantara11 May 2018

For tonight's meeting, the three presidential candidates gave their speeches! The three candidates are Eric Mitchell, Valentino Abate, and Liam Dugard. Voting opens tomorrow, and closes on...

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Meeting Summary: 4 May 2018

Jon Alcantara4 May 2018

For tonight's meeting, the presidential speeches have been delayed due to low attendance. Also, we have a new Sound Lead: Madeleine Glenn! Banners for the Sammy Showcase are also due...

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Meeting Summary: 20 April 2018

Jon Alcantara20 April 2018

For tonight's meeting, the results for new officers have been revealed!
Liam Dugard will be the Design Lead!
Gian Paolo Paredes and Muhammad Al-Suwaidi will be...

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Meeting Summary: 13 April 2018

Jon Alcantara13 April 2018

For tonight's meeting, we talked about the SGDA event layout and trip. If you're going, GDA attendance on 4/20 is mandatory! We are signing waivers...

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Meeting Summary: 6 April 2018

Jon Alcantara6 April 2018

Welcome back for Spring Quarter! Officer interviews are starting next week. Also, no one applied to be a Sound Lead--if you are interested, talk to Fernando!...

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Meeting Summary: 2 March 2018

Jon Alcantara2 March 2018

This meeting was a general meeting for teams. We announced that we can no longer secure vans for GDC, as we received the funding too late. Deadlines are also approaching...

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Meeting Summary: 23 February 2018

Jon Alcantara23 February 2018

This meeting, we had an officer info meeting. Here, officers discussed the responsibilities and expectations of their roles. Team T-shirt designs are due on the 9th week (March 9). SGDA Summit will be on...

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Meeting Summary: 9 February 2018

Jon Alcantara9 February 2018

This meeting, industry veteran Tad Leckman gave a presentation regarding feedback and his experiences working at Blizzard, Riot Games, and other teams. T-shirt orders are starting; submitting T-shirt designs...

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Meeting Summary: 2 February 2018

Jon Alcantara2 February 2018

Next week, Diversity in Games is holding a professional session on Monday in anticipation for GDC. There will be another recruitment fair this Wednesday for the 170-series games. For our next presentation...

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Meeting Summary: 19 January 2018

Jon Alcantara19 January 2018

For tonight's meeting, Ian Rapoport, the lead of last year's game Bottom Gun, will be joining as GDA as an officer! Global Game Jam is next Friday (1/26), and will be happening at 5PM. Due to this...

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Meeting Summary: 12 January 2018

Jon Alcantara12 January 2018

For tonight's meeting, two new officers were introduced! Aubrey and Liam will be helping with Outreach and Event Coordination. Meeting times for Design, Art, and Programming are changing. Club T-shirts...

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Meeting Summary: 8 December 2017

Jon Alcantara8 December 2017

Tonight's meeting was smaller than usual, as this was dead week. Game Design + Art Collaboration is looking for more officers in Outreach, Event Coordination, or any position a member thinks is...

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Meeting Summary: 1 December 2017

Jon Alcantara1 December 2017

Tonight was the first production meeting for Typocrypha and Superball, where both teams suggested mechanics for their games. Typocrypha held an icebreaker, and Superball created their own Discord...

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Meeting Summary: 17 November 2017

Jon Alcantara17 November 2017

Tonight was Pitch Night! We had 22 pitches from students interested in leading--each pitch showed promise. However, we had to narrow these 22 down to two. After a stressful session of voting...

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Meeting Summary: 3 November 2017

Jon Alcantara3 November 2017

For tonight's meeting, GDA explained more of the pitching process and structure. The structure is available here, and the presentation notes can be found here...

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Meeting Summary: 27 October 2017

Jon Alcantara27 October 2017

For tonight's meeting, GDA moved the pitch night from 11/10 to 11/17 to avoid conflicts with Veteran's day. For the rest of the night, we continued to split students off into groups for...

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Meeting Summary: 20 October 2017

Jon Alcantara20 October 2017

For tonight's meeting, GDA went over the pitching process and the responsibilities of being a game lead. After, the attendees split into four groups that mixed those interested in pitching, and...

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Meeting Summary: 13 October 2017

Jon Alcantara18 October 2017

In GDA's first meeting of the year, we talked about the importance of Communication in teams, opportunities on campus, and the importance of connecting with others. After, the club split into...

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OPERS 2017 Review

Daniel Chamberlin27 September 2017

The annual OPERS Fest has been fantastic for GDA every year, with the majority of our members having learned about GDA for the first time at the festival. To any new members...

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2016-2017 Year Review

Daniel Chamberlin6 June 2017

This has been a very busy year for GDA. We were founded with just 10 members two years ago, and have now grown to over 300. GDA has completed 8 projects, with many of those being the first game...

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Meeting Summary: 26 May, 2017

Edmond Le26 May 2017

In today’s penultimate meeting of GDA, we recapped how the SGDA summit went, extra funds, Sammy Showcase/Sammy Awards, the second wave of T-shirt availability, and new officer positions. The Sammy Showcase is coming up on June 3rd...

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SGDA 2017 Review

Daniel Chamberlin23 May 2017

The 1st Student Game Developer's Alliance Summit was a huge success! GDA sent 20 of its members to the Summit at Cal Poly Pomona and we had the opportunity to share our games...

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Meeting Summary: 14 April, 2017

Edmond Le14 April 2017

We further progressed in the club shirt design! One idea we came up with is to have a general GDA T-shirt that incorporates elements from both teams’ games (Bottom Gun and Raiju). Stay tuned! The Student Game Developers Alliance (SGDA) Summit workshop

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Meeting Summary: 7 April, 2017

Edmond Le7 April 2017

Welcome to the new quarter! Starting off strong we have a couple announcements: Jim Whitehead has invited GDA to participate in the Sammy awards. There, we can showcase our game projects

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Meeting Summary: 10 March, 2017

Edmond Le16 March 2017

GDC was a resounding success last week. A lot of GDA members attended, and we received tons of suggestions on how to improve it next year. We are always open to suggestions on how to better organize the next GDC event...

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Preparing for GDC 2017

Edmond Le27 February 2017

This meeting was short; It’s the calm before the storm. GDC is next week! Rejoice! Remember to have your resumes printed, LinkedIn updated, and business cards available. Be sure to join GDA’s LinkedIn group to look more legit! Don't stress out about GDC, it's a great opprotunity to network, play and learn so enjoy yourself!

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Bottom Gun Dev-Blog #3

Edmond Le13 January 2017

This meeting, the team started a new sprint. We completed a working prototype of the scene management during the meeting. The game has a basic menu system that connects to the main game. The game scrolls properly, the player can shoot and move, the enemy planes can move, and the pause system is functional. We’re still working...

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Meeting Summary: February 17, 2017

Edmond Le20 February 2017

The GDC trip is almost here! GDC Student Expo day will be on Friday, March 3rd and we will be purchasing our tickets on-site. Be sure to bring a valid student ID to be eligible for the Student Expo. IMPORTANT: If you are riding in a van provided by GDA, you MUST...

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Meeting Summary: February 10, 2017

Edmond Le12 February 2017

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is coming up soon! GDA is in the process of setting up the transportation. We set up a raffle system to offer free rides to GDC and twenty-two club members won! Congrats! There’s a meeting happening on 2/24/17 at 7:30 PM for transportation planning to GDC. Hopefully, we will plan rides...

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Bottom Gun: Dev-Blog #2

Edmond Le12 February 2017

There was a lot finished in the last sprint! In order to have a diverse cast of wingmen, we divided their personalities into archetypes and named them as such. So far, we have Aegis, the protective wingman, Mongoose, the ‘bad-boy-with-an-attitude’, Bishop, the stoic, quiet type, and Pidgeon, the young, goofy novice. This week, the art team finished Mongoose and Pidgeon’s character designs with the other characters...

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Global Game Jam 2017 Review

Daniel Chamberlin26 January 2017

This year, GDA hosted the 2017 Global Game Jam at UCSC! It was a huge success with games made, friendhsips formed and skils learned. 2017 was our first year hosting the event, and we're planning to host GGJ for years to come. We had a great turn out in the new space for reserved for Game Design majors at the Digital Arts Research Center. Here are some of the...

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Meeting Summary: 13 January 2017

Edmond Le13 January 2017

Kicking off the winter quarter, we have a few announcements! Global Game Jam is next week! GDA has fully planned this event and it will start at 5 p.m. Friday (1/20) at DARC 308. Global Game Jam is an event where universities around the world spend 48 hours designing a game (physical or digital) based on a given topic. Due to this, there will be no general meeting...

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Bottom Gun Dev-Blog #1

Edmond Le13 January 2017

After a long winter break, the team has gotten back into developing Bottom Gun! We have decided to embrace two-week long ‘sprints’ where the art, sound, design, and programming departments will be assigned specific tasks to complete by the end of the two-week period....

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Meeting Summary: 18 November 2016

Edmond Le20 November 2016

Today’s general announcements were short! There is no meeting next week due to Thanksgiving break (11/15)! Unfortunately, there was supposed to be a guest speaker today, but she could not make it. Also, Anime club and Cosplay club are cooperating...

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Meeting Summary: 4 November 2016

Edmond Le6 November 2016

Today GDA is kicked off the design of its two year-long projects, Raiju, with lead designer Thomas Bryant, and Bottom Gun, with lead designer Ian Rapoport! Check out the GDA Facebook page to view more information about these two games.

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Meeting Summary: 22 October 2016

Edmond Le22 October 2016

Hey, guys! I’m GDA’s new archiver, Edmond Le. I’ll be taking notes for every general meeting for the rest of the 2016-2017 school year! Feel free to hit me up on Facebook if you want to chat about game design.

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Announcement: The Game Pitch Process

Daniel Chamberlin7 October 2016

It begins. Many of you are excited about the idea of pitching your own games for the club to work on this year. The pitches are going to be given and voted on in a few weeks, but in the meantime you should be thinking about a game you would want to pitch!

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